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Introducing hire-pal

Mobile first

hire-pal is accessible to all your employees anytime, anywhere.


Hire-pal is available on multiple platforms and channels of communication.

standard UI
simple & standard UI

hire-pal works using standard platform UI for minimal confusion and best user experience

Consumer Grade
Consumer Grade

Hire-pal is adaptive, scalable and modular to stay ahead of your employees changing requirements

Concurrent Conversations

Hire-pal can communicate with multiple entities at the same time

Instant response

Hire-pal ieliminates the waiting between asking a question and receiving an answer.


Hire-pal faces no exhaustion, anger, boredom, or office timings, and is available to all employees at all times.

Personalized experience

Hire-pal AI engine allows personalised interactions with every employee

A Software With A Service

Currently, majority of the software or technologies used in the HR function facilitate only non- employee facing activities (backend functions).HirePal helps your open positions to automating interviews and engaging with new employees before their official joining that facilitate or assist the interaction between the HR function and employees, and all the interactions are manually managed.

HR chatbots fill a crucial gap.They ensure that the first impression of an organisation on potential employees is favourable and their experience is seamless and enjoyable. e.g. HR queries, notifications to employees on HR updates etc. Hirepal chatbot is exceptionally skilled in identifying right top talents. Which implements Machine Learning Algorithms to improve employee productivity,satisfaction and optimises HR function.We ensure to fulfill your requirements in significant turnaround time

WHY Hire-pal?

HirePal takes your talent acquisition process to the next level Regardless of what a candidate’s resume states, HirePal live chat communication reveals the language, grammar and professional skill of the individual being chatted.It becomes easy to pinpoint whether or not the individual is fluent in english,excels in his writing ability or has a sense of professional communication etiquette.In terms of personality and background, HirePal chat helps recruiters to establish whether or not a candidate would be a good fit for the choosen position.

Common examples of this includes knowledge of industry jargon, the manner in which the candidate interprets information or a means of communication, as well as the use of language and vocabulary.

HirePal Live Chat Support, arrangement via live chat cuts on telephonic costs and time-consuming email conversations. Live Chat thus increases internal efficiencies and allows for multi-tasking makes you to hire greater quality candidates.

Benefits of Hire-pal

Welcome Aboard (Pre-boarding)

'Welcome Aboard' module offers organizations a great chance to get the new employee engaged prior to them being overloaded with information and fulfilling their actual role. It is a chance to drip feed information about the organization and their role, understand about their learning styles, aspirations and potential development needs.

Post Hire Orientation

A well thought out orientation program, whether it lasts one day or six months, will help not only in the retention of employees but also in the increases in employee productivity.

HR Helpdesk

HR Helpdesk is a concept where the employees can avail solutions and answers to HR related issues & queries services 24/7. It primarily focuses on more effective Turn Around Time (TAT) for any activity thereby ensuring employee efficiency.

Employee Satisfaction

Most companies do [performance] reviews once a year, but businesses change more than once a year, you don't check your finances once a year. You don't evaluate your business strategy just once a year, so why do we put culture and people and their engagement and satisfaction last?


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